What to do in Budapest. Complete guide

I have been lucky enough to spend 11 days in Budapest with Morrison, split up between 2016 and 2018. They say it is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It truly is. The city has the second-oldest metro system in the world, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2002.

The Danube river separates the parts of Buda and Pest.

As you know by now, my preferred seasons to travel are winter or autumn. Due to circumstances that some times we cannot change, I visited Budapest once in summer, since it was the only time we could travel together (my friends and me).

If for work issues you can only visit Budapest in summer, get ready for the heat. I recommend you to wear light cotton clothes and comfortable shoes.

What to see in Budapest

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Where to change money in Budapest. Hungarian forint

The currency of Hungary is the Hungarian Forint. I used to change money in the exchange houses when I arrived in the country or change it in my bank branch where I lived in Spain. Since 2016 I get money at the cashier as soon as I arrive in the country since the exchange rates are usually quite lower than the other two options. 1€ is approximately 337 forints.

Money converter from your currency to forint

The most reliable option is to get money directly from an ATM upon arrival in Budapest. The card I use is from the N26 bank. The basic option has no opening or maintenance costs, payments, and no fees in any currency and country and offers a 1.7% fee for withdrawals in foreign currency.

Where to sleep in Budapest


They are located a little further from the centre so there is not much tourism around. They also offer breakfast options.


The firm D.FIVE has several apartments in different locations around the city. My favorite is the one located near the Basilica of San Matías. It is located in a quiet street and a little out center of the tourist. They are fully equipped and spacious.

In my case, I traveled with 4 great friends of mine and we had no problem with space. The price is very competitive to be in the center, near the Parliament and other things to see in the city.

The accommodation came out at about 24€ per person per night.


I recommend this option if you want to share a house with Budapest locals or students. Not for rent as a complete house since I am not 100% under the policy of using Airbnb as exclusively tourist flats, but this would give us a discussion for another article.

Get a 34€ discount for your first reservation with Airbnb

Where to eat in Budapest

Budapest has a wide gastronomic offer, with a variety of vegan and vegetarian restaurants. You can also consider doing some Hungarian food tasting.

On the map at the end of this article, you have several recommendations for restaurants and cafes to drink and drink. But for tastes, the colours. The gastronomic experience will always depend on each person’s private budget and the types of food you like. Just keep an open mind to try different things and flavours that you may not have tried until now.

Where to walk your dog in Budapest. Is Budapest dog friendly?


dogs budapest

A wonder located very close to the Széchenyi baths.A vast park where you will find people practicing different sports, relaxing sunbathing, drinking a beer, or walking their dogs. There are several meeting points inside the park where dogs go without a leash.


A park with several obstacles for our puppies to practice exercises more actively. We did not visit it since Morrison is quite clumsy and those agility circuits are not his strong point.


I have already mentioned in the previous point of the article. It is a perfect place to walk with your dog since it has large green areas and benches to sit and rest for a while.


My packing list for Budapest

  1. Marmot waterproof jacket, light, and perfect for summertime.
  2. Keepcup reusable cup.
  3. Marmot waterproof pants.
  4. Nike Epic React shoes. Breathable, they weigh nothing and are wonderful for walking.
  5. My lense “off-road” Tamron AF 18-270mm.
  6. My Canon EOS 750D camera
  7. 64GB memory card 170mb/s
  8. Jack Wolfskin backpack that I take to travel.
  9. Power bank for mobile phones
  10. 4 TB hard drive Toshiba

Guide map travel to Budapest



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