Reusable safety razor. A sustainable alternative

Safety razor VS. Disposable razors

The problem with plastic is that it takes centuries to decompose. And in the end, we use a lot of single plastic things in our daily life. Plastic doesn’t disappear, and almost nothing is recycled compared to the level of plastic waste that humans generate.

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They end up on our oceans, fields, rivers, and in other countries that end up serving as a garbage dump. It makes you think, doesn’t it? Small changes we make every day can have an impact, like this one, or using a deodorant without plastic.

At the time, when I started shaving, I used to have disposable razors. You use them for a week or ten days, and then you go to the garbage and back again. Total, as they come in a pack of 5 or 10. The price, 15 razors about 6 or 7 euros, seemed like a good deal at the time.

I’m not going to get into a discussion about the stupidity of women’s and men’s razors, which, surprisingly, end up being more expensive for women.

How much can you save per year?

Let’s do some numbers for the more indecisive or undecided.

Fifteen disposable blades cost 6.75 ? on Amazon. Let’s say that you use one razor per week. A year has 52 weeks. You will need four packs of razors. 6.75 x 4 = 27 euros per year. I have been buying them since I was 18 or before… 324 euros in 10 years.

The equivalent is 600 disposable blades in the trash that are not recycled. But of course, that’s only what one person generates.

If we all switch to a classic safety razor, we will be reducing the plastic waste we generate.

A classic safety razor can cost you from 15 to 45 euros, depending on the materials it is made of and the finish of the handle, and a pack of razor blades, which comes with 100 units, costs 7.50 euros. These blades last much longer than disposable blades.

You won’t have to buy anything else for at least two years.

Where to get a classic safety razor?

Well, wherever you like. Although I always recommend supporting your local business rather than the large surfaces. But I understand that depending on which areas, or the personal circumstances of each person, sometimes it is complicated to buy in one place or another.

I leave you the ones I have tried and can recommend. It comes in three different colors. You can click on the images to check them out.

These are the blades, from the brand Astra, that I have been using:

Check price

You can find different brands of reusable safety razors in Germany at

Advantages and disadvantages of using a safety razor


  • You save money
  • Smoother shave than with disposable blades
  • You only have to buy one safety razor. They last forever
  • You reduce plastic waste considerably
  • It’s super easy to clean


  • You cannot shave in a hurry at the beginning
  • You need a bit of time to adapt to this blade



It is totally worth it!

No one is born knowing everything. I have made the transition from using disposable blades to buying a safety razor myself, saving money, and knowing that I generate a lot less plastic waste per year thanks to this small change.

More info:

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