Reusable coffee cups.

Only in my beloved Germany, about 320,000 take away coffee cups are used every hour. This means almost 3 million plastic cups for coffee to go that end up in the trash, if we’re lucky enough, without being recycled. 

Reusable coffee cups. A sustainable alternative

We live in a fast-paced world where we want to have everything right now, immediately. As fast as possible, and as comfortable as we can find it, without thinking about the consequences that our actions might have. 

We live in the throwaway era when we should be focusing on reusable stuff. In this case, reusable coffee cups. 

But, where do all those disposable coffee cups go? The majority are not recycled and lots of them also end up in our seas and oceans. All of this because we want to drink our coffee, and then throw it away. We keep thinking that someone else will come to solve this problem.

I used to think like that. But there is a time when we have to say enough is enough, stop looking away and start to take more care about our planet through small changes, which in the end, are not a great sacrifice if we are a bit tolerant and we are willing to adapt.

Keep your cup to go. It is time for you to change to reusable coffee cups. 

In my case, I have got the Keepcup called “soda-lime glass”, resistant to impacts and with cork fastening in addition to having a fully closed lid to avoid splashing or small accidents. A small investment that can be a big change. I am very happy with mine.

There are several models out in the market, made of different sustainable materials.

Click on the image below to see the prices. 
keep cup coffee to go
reusable coffee cups stojoqimei shop coffee cup










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