R E L A X. Get lost in its streets and enjoy the sea.

The wonders of the small Slovenian coast. Located in the Adriatic sea. Piran is the city of salt. In the Tartini square, there is a small shop that sells salt, chocolate with salt flower (exquisite and from which I took a small box, which should have been two). www.soline.si is their website and they also distribute to other countries. Unfortunately, Spain is not among those countries.

For those of you who already know Venice, it will remind you a little bit of Venice because of the church, for the architecture and style of its buildings and houses. The Adriatic Sea goes along the coast of Piran, so you can take a walk and relax with a beer enjoying the sun and a gorgeous sunset, if you catch good weather, on one of its many terraces overlooking the sea. Piran is a small city that you will get to know, easily in a few hours. Stroll through its narrow streets, cool off by swimming in its crystal clear waters and climb up the hill to enjoy beautiful views of the entire city.

– Tartini Square. The heart of the city where you can enjoy a coffee surrounded by locals.
– Cathedral of San Jorge: gives a beautiful view of the sea and the city since you can go up. The entrance costs between 2-5 euros. We could not go up since they do not allow dogs inside.
– Walls of Piran. The city has the remains of the medieval wall so you can enjoy a nice walk around them.

Terra apartments are my 100% recommendation. Marco is super friendly and gave me recommendations on where to eat and the essentials to see in Piran. The apartment is located less than 2 minutes from Tartini square and it is right next to the sea. Very spacious apartment and especially very clean. Also, it was not a problem at all for Morrison to stay in the apartment.

Booking from this link you will have 15 euros refund after your stay.

Without a doubt, my recommendation is any of the restaurants closest to the sea. Fresh fish, cheap and great. There are no problems in sitting on the terraces if you go with your pet. In fact, they are quite animal lovers and brought fresh water for Morrison.

Prices of the vignette that you need to be able to circulate if you go with your own car.
Annual: 55 euros
Half year: 30 euros
Weekly: 7.5 euros

Parking in the city with your own car is forbidden. The best thing you can do is to leave it in one of the parking located one or two kilometres away from the centre.

I Feel Slovenia: it is available in several languages where you can find relevant and useful information about the country.
Official website of Pirán: Available in English, German, Italian and Slovenian.


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