Hiking to Karkonosze National Park

Nuzzled between the Czech Republic and Poland, we find Karkonosze National Park. Poland is not only history but also synonymous with nature, mountains, snow, and pure air.

The Karkonosze National Park, also known as the Mountain of the Giants. It lays on the border with the Czech Republic. I recommend you to go by car, either yours or a rental car. You will have to access to the park from both Poland and the Czech Republic to see different parts of the park.

The highest point is the Sněžka peak with 1,603 meters. On the top, we will find a weather station belonging to Poland.

Within the Karkonosze National Park, there are several hiking trails to do, as well as different lodges and hotels to stay. I recommend booking in advance and not waiting at the last minute, as some accommodations may be at full capacity and camping in the park is prohibited, the presence of wild animals is one of the reasons for this ban.

The best season to go depends on your personal preferences. During spring or autumn, the landscape will be completely different. And, of course, the experience of going in the middle of winter, with snow, has to be spectacular. In my case, I went in August. The next time I go it will be in winter to see everything covered in a cover in snow.

Entry fee to Karkonosze National Park 

To enjoy the different waterfalls and hiking trails within the Karkonosze National Park, we have to pay an admission fee. For students, there is a 50% reduced rate. There is a valid multi-day pass to visit all parts of the National Park of Karkonosze.

 One-day ticket: PLN 8 -> 1.84 €

 Three-day ticket: 20 PLN ->  4.61 €

Dogs do not pay the admission fee. Their access to the National Park is allowed with the only condition that they have to be on the leash at all times. Do not forget to bring poop bags. There are several bins throughout the park.

You can buy tickets online or directly at the same entry point of the park. In my case, we accessed through the municipality of Szklarska Poręba. You can easily park the car paying about 3/5 euros for 24 hours.

What to do in Karkonosze National Park 


Located almost at the end of the road in the town of Szklarska Poręba, within a short walk from the free parking. You can go walking, there is no entry fee. Right at the entrance, you will find some local stalls selling souvenirs of all kinds.



It is one of the first waterfalls that you find as soon as you access the park. You have to pay a small extra fee. The organization of the park provides you with a safety helmet. To be able to see the waterfall, you have to go down some stairs, and there is a risk that some stones will fall on your head.

views of a forest and Kamienczyk waterfall in karkonosze


It is in the Czech Republic. It is better to travel by car to the neighboring country to reach it. You can park in a big parking lot, for a couple of slots. The parking area is just a few minutes away from the waterfall. Entry to this waterfall is free.

Mumlawy waterfall view


The Lutheran church, located in the middle of Karkonosze dates from the year 1,200. It was originally built in the Norwegian city of Vang. It maintains certain parts of the original wood. You can visit it inside since. I was going with Morrison I decided not to go in.

vang wood church

Where to stay in Karkonosze National Park 

Staying in Poland is cheap, but I also recommend comparing different villages around, since being a local tourist area, frequented by Poles and Czechs, it may be that in high season, in the summer months, prices are higher than usual.

For drone fans, to fly drones throughout the park is forbidden.

Photo equipment for this hiking trip 


Map of my hiking trip to Karkonosze National Park

My friend Michael and I did a route between 22-24km in a single day, quite hard. I recommend you to divide the hike into two parts, and do 10km a day, instead of beating your ass in a day with 24km as we did.

You have to go well equipped, with appropriate footwear for all types of terrain, enough water, snacks. I advise wearing waterproof clothing, as weather conditions can vary quickly.

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