An adventure that you will not forget.

Mount Watzmann, the main attraction of the national park, is among the five highest peaks in Germany. Berchtesgaden is the only national park that is located in the Alps. It is located in the south of Bavaria, right on the border with Austria.

Schönau am Königssee is the small village that opens the way to the national park of Berchtesgaden, located right on the shore of Lake Königssee, in English “Lake of the King“.

To start the adventure, you will have to go to the lakeshore and look for the ticket office to get the tickets. Here you have two photos with the prices and schedules in English. The official tourism website is available in English and German as well.

Dogs are allowed. So you can go on an adventure with your dog like I did with Morrison and enjoy nature in its purest state. The different hiking trails are marked with yellow signs and differentiated by colours to express the difficulty:

  • Red: medium difficulty
  • Black: requires experience since there are sections that can be complex.
  • Blue: easy

The road to the ice chapel, “Eiskapelle” in German, is medium difficulty. The route is approximately 3 kilometres. The climb will be a total of 830 meters high. It takes about 2 hours to get you there. Although the time is relative, since if you stop to take pictures or the weather conditions are not the most appropriate, you may not be able to reach the end of the route. Since the heavy rains or the melting season make the streams water capacity way too full to get through it. This means that the access to the cave is not possible (as was our case). We were standing less than 300 meters from the cave, so we were not able to check the inside. We were almost the whole trip under heavy rain. Even so, it is worth the effort to visit the ice chapel. The views during the tour are impressive.

Keep in mind that in the vast majority of the park there is no coverage, so a small map, either paper one or a previously downloaded one on your phone, would be a great idea. Without a doubt, Morrison and I will try it again, this time, hoping to reach our final destination and see the inside.

This is an interactive map (in the web version you can see it better) in which you can see the route from the starting point, where the boat leaves you, to the ice chapel.

If you want to see more photos of the Berchtesgaden National Park with Morrison and his adventures:

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