That moment when you discover that little town called Grindelwald. Located in the heart of the Swiss Alps. A wonder of nature.

I have been lucky enough to enjoy Grindelwald twice, in 2014 and in 2016. When I first arrived in this small Swiss town at the end of October 2014, I could not believe the mountains could convey such a sense of peace. The Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau are, without a doubt, a 100% recommendable experience.

What to do in Grindelwald?

During the spring and autumn, you can enjoy hiking through the many trails that Grindelwald has, from the first level to exciting adventures for the most experienced ones around the mountain called First.

Grindelwald is undoubtedly a paradise for ski and snowboard lovers. More than 200 kilometres of ski slopes, powder snow of the highest quality and incredible landscapes to delight lovers of winter sports.


Without a doubt, my star recommendation cannot be other than the Hotel Selfness Eiger Spa. The best are the views from the rooms located on the fourth floor right facing the Eiger. Breakfast is quite big and the butter is homemade! The basics are important. Fresh fruit and a wide selection of teas.

If you are thinking about staying in Grindelwald here is a 15€ booking discount! 


  • Onkle Tom: Definitely one of the best pizzas I’ve ever tasted! Tom is the owner and with a lot of love and care, he makes the pizzas in a wood oven, giant size as well as the good local beer.
  • Hotel Eiger Restaurant: you can not go without tasting the local beer of Grindelwald, a delicacy. The staff is super kind and friendly. Speak English, French, German and Japanese.


– Language: French, Italian and German

– Currency: Swiss Franc CHF. If you need a money converter just click –> here.   

– Specialities: Cheese and white wines.

– Motorways: It is mandatory to buy the vignette to drive through Swiss territory. It costs  35,75€ and it is valid to circulate throughout the year. There is no other option to buy a vignette just for a week or a few days like there is in some other countries. 

Webs of interest Available in English, German and French. Available in Spanish.


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