Where to buy BARF food in Berlin

What is the BARF diet?

BARF is the acronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.

The percentages and ingredients of the BARF diet are marked by the evolutionary diet of our dogs. what these would eat in the wild, so the menus should seem as much as possible. The percentages of the classic BARF diet are as follow:

60% fleshy bones, 15% vegetables, 10% -15% viscera and organs and 5% fruit. The rest can be added in some supplements such as alfalfa, kelp, fish oil, natural yogurt, green gut, brewer’s yeast, etc.

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Where to buy BARF food in Berlin?

This is the store in Berlin that I can recommend to buy BARF food for your dogs. The ingredients are of great quality and Patrick is super friendly and kind, speaks Spanish, English, and German.

Van Loeper: Dunckerstrasse, 16 in Prenzlauer Berg. Patrick is the owner and he speaks fluent Spanish, English, and of course German. 

Different recipes for BARF diet

  • SALMON. The ingredients it contains are the following: fresh salmon, nettle, parsley, hemp seeds, salmon oil, cooked potato, and chickpeas.
  • DEER: pieces of fresh deer, amaranth, quinoa, zucchini, parsnip, rosehip, sunflower seeds, calcium, and salmon oil.
  • LAMB: moringa, turmeric, hemp seeds, carrots, milk thistle, chickpeas, cooked potato, lung, liver, heart, and stomach.
  • VEAL: fresh pieces of veal, liver, heart, quinoa, zucchini.
  • CHICKEN: pieces of fresh chicken, beet, apple, and brewer’s yeast.
  • TURKEY: Broccoli, cooked potato, fresh turkey, calcium, heart, chicken liver, salmon oil, sunflower seeds, milk thistle, and nettle.

    It also has gut and contents inside the stomach. They are rich in good bacteria for our dogs, as they help them eliminate any possible stomach infection they may have. The fleshy bones are also essential when eating this type of raw diet since they get many vitamins and it cleans their teeth.

    In the store, you can find cardboard packaging, not plastic, of different sizes. You can also bring your own Tupperware and Patrick will prepare the portions in them without a problem. It also has frozen portions in case there is no fresh food left.


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